The Nest

nest-webFrom the very beginning of our foundation in 1998, Alkionides Charity had the aspiration to build a ‘Nest’ in central London to house under-privileged families staying in the UK for long-term medical treatment. Fortunately, in 2010 our dream came to fruition! We rented rooms in a flat in Kensington to provide fully furnished and equipped accommodation to these families. In March 2010 our first visitors were the families of two six year-old girls - Maria who received treatment for a rare type of cancer and Stella who had plastic surgery at Harley Street for a facial deformity from birth.

At the Nest, Cyprus TV channels and Internet access are provided for free. Furthermore, friends of Alkionides Charity UK visit the hosted guests bringing gifts and offering any other help in order to make their stay as comfortable and painless as possible.

More than 150 families have benefited from this facility since March 2010. We do hope that in the coming years we will have more sponsors who will enable us to continue our mission.  

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To learn more about Alkionides UK you can visit the website: www.alkionides.org